What is the Best Free Adult Dating Service?

Did you know that some free dating sites steal your identity? If you want to know what else they do, read the following paragraphs. There are numerous problems with the free adult dating service. In this article you will be given reasons to avoid them and learn how, instead, to get free dating from popular dating sites you can trust.

Identity theft is common among free dating services. When you join, they force you to complete huge forms, telling them everything about yourself. This information can be used to steal your identity or be sold to third-parties who bombard you with spam.

Spam is also rife on free dating sites. You have email and on-site spam. The on-site spam usually takes the form of a pretty female who asks you to pay to see her live cam show. Email spam is diverse. You will sometimes receive hundreds of spam-offers every day.

Did you also know most of the profiles are fake on free dating sites? This is true. They create pretty females, or handsome guys, to lure you in to creating a membership. Since there are no laws regulating profiles on free dating sites, you can be sure that it is not a problem that will disappear any time soon.

Free adult dating services are free for a reason. Think about it. You do not get anything for free. They lure you in, scam you and spam you. It is that simple.

Is there a safe solution that also offers free adult dating? Yes, of course.

Join a popular paid dating site that offers a free account. These sites are regulated, honest, above-board sites. You will not encounter spam, fake profiles, identity theft or any other problems.

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